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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the adhesive repositionable? Yes, the adhesive is removable and repositionable. Certain silicone-based paints may affect the adherence of the sticker. We do not recommend installation of Wall Stories directly on Zinsser primers as the chemical components react to our adhesive.

Does the application work even if you are not standing in front of the sticker character on the wall? They work in game and reading mode, but you have to stand in front of the decorative adhesive (character) in order to enjoy the creation program.

Is the adhesive dangerous for my child? The components of the adhesive do not contain potentially dangerous or harmful chemicals. However, during installation, make sure that the child does not put pieces of the adhesive into their mouth.

Can the application be used offline? Once the application is activated and downloaded, you can use it offline.

Can I use the app on different devices at the same time? Yes, whether it is an Apple or Android device, all you have to do is download the application. The Wall Stories app can be installed on up to three different mobile devices.

I see the hippo, but I don't see the zebra games. The packaging is designed so that each character has a special skill (numbers-music-colours-letters). In order to enjoy another character, you have to buy another box.

The application does not work - who can I call? You may call 1-877-784-2733 or email