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Wind Down with Wall Stories: Why this Gift Makes the Perfect Bedtime Routine

Every parent knows that bedtime is that precious moment between wakefulness and sleep when you can bond with your child and set your intentions for a goodnight. 


Here are some tips for the perfect bedtime routine with your little ones: 


1. Decide a set bedtime. Following a consistent sleep routine helps train your brain to naturally feel tired when it’s bedtime. Schedule a time to begin your family's bedtime routine every night, and set an alarm to help you remember. 

little girl sleeping with teddy bear

2. Have a light snack or some warm milk. Calm your child's stomach and prepare for sleep with a light snack, like a piece of fruit or yogurt. Cherries, grapes, strawberries, nuts, and oats all have high melatonin content and will help keep them feel full through the night. 

Bowl of cereal

3. Take a warm bath. Plan a warm bath about an hour before bedtime. Your child will be clean and prepared for the next day, and the warm water and cool down after will create a sensation that makes them feel sleepy and relaxed. 

little boy bath time with mother

4. Read with Wall Stories. Wall Stories comes with a FREE app that brings your walls to life with augmented reality. This all-in-one learning and play experience, allows children to engage with their Wall Stories in three modes: Story Mode, Game Mode, and Creative Mode. Start your day with Game Mode, or Creative Mode, and then wind down at the end of the night with Story Mode, which invites children to read along with their smart devices, like an open picture book. Reading and learning is exciting, and every story can be read or listened to in English or French!

bedtime wall stories paw patrol

Click here to learn more, and for a limited time, get 20% off all Wall Stories with code: WALLSTORIES20. 


Happy sleeping!


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