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Top 5 tips to help give the perfect gift this Holiday

"Toys are Flying off the Shelves! There may not be enough toys this holiday!" The news today may be doom and gloom about supply shortages and delays in shipping, but worry not,  there are lots of great gifts waiting to be snapped up and secured for your holiday gift list. All you need is a little bit of patience, research, and creativity, and your friends and family will be grateful you did. 


Here are five tips to help give the perfect gift this holiday season: 

1. Shop early and look for holiday sales or discount codes

Ava playing wall stories

Image Source: @princess.eva_ on Instagram


As many folks know, there have been stock shortages and delayed toy shipments for many toy brands this season, so experts, such as Toy Insider Editor-in-Chief Marissa Silva, have advised parents to get their children’s wish lists ready now, and buy early! 


Some online stores even offer BIG discount codes for shoppers subscribed to their monthly newsletters (hint, hint!), so make sure to keep in touch with the brands and products you care about, because they want to help you get the best deals you can find. This is also why from November 1st to December 6th, Wall Stories is offering a 25% discount on all Wall Stories products with a limited time “WallStories25” promo code. Just make sure to enter it at checkout, and you’re good to go!

2. Create a list of what your loved one enjoys, and get creative! 

Peppa Pig Fan

(From left to right) Image Source: “Eleanor is Peppa’s Biggest fan” from Spalding Today and @TeddyOutReady on Instagram

Does your child, friend or grandchild love to watch Peppa Pig in the mornings before school? How about PAW Patrol? Let’s find out what they’re looking forward to and put together a list of their holiday must-haves!

Make this list long--spend at least two full minutes writing down as many things as you can. Now brainstorm something to go with every item on that list, small or big. You don't have to give all of those gifts, but you're going to hit on some cool ideas you wouldn't have otherwise, and when you combine a few of them, your giftee will appreciate how personal and thoughtful you were. 

3. Choose a gift that keeps giving, like an experience! 

wall stories decals

The perfect gift shouldn’t only look great, but also bring along a memorable experience to learn from and play with. Wall Stories, for example, is not only a wall decal but also an all-in-one learning and play experience. Using the free mobile app children can access the three following modes:

  • Story Mode invites children to read along with their smart devices, like an open picture book. Reading and learning is exciting, and every story can be read or listened to in English or French!
  • Game Mode encourages educational play with games on the smart device. Each game is based on its wall decal and includes 3 levels of difficulty for those who want to have fun with brain-teasing activities!
  • Creative mode gives children the freedom to virtually personalize their rooms through the Wall Stories app’s interactive augmented reality feature. In Creative Mode, children can design and create their own space for play through the holidays and beyond!


4. Make unwrapping a gift, a gift in itself! 


Image source: Crafty Prapty on YouTube, “10 Fantastic Gift Wrap Ideas / 10 EASY GIFT WRAPPING IDEAS AND HACKS


Get creative with the packaging! Rather than just handing children a gift in regular wrapping paper, think of the gifting experience as an event to enjoy! Hide your gift somewhere special and send your child on a scavenger hunt to find it. And never, ever, underestimate the sheer fun of unwrapping presents. Sometimes, quantity can mean quality, when it's a bunch of small individually wrapped items.


5. Have fun with it!

discovering wall stories

The holiday seasons are a lovely time to connect with your family and friends, which is why one of the best things you can do is spend more time with the ones you love—you’ll never know what ideas you might learn from them to make this year’s gift a Perfect Gift!