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Marrying 2023 design trends with our most beautiful Smart Tiles! It’s never been easier!

2023 has begun, and the desire to re-decorate your space is strong! After all, with a new year,  comes a desire for renewal and revitalizing your space. Trends may come and go, but Smart Tiles will always suit your personal design taste. Inspired by the latest trends and moods in fashion and design, Smart Tiles is always ready to fit your look!

1. Pantone colour of the year

Eagerly anticipated every year, the Pantone colour of the year excites many. Viva Magenta, a sublime magenta pink, is seen everywhere right now on social media, in fashion, and even in beautiful wedding bouquets!

This energetic colour can also be found in celebrity homes (yes, we’re talking about your kitchen, Kirsten Dunst!), evoking feelings of joy and happiness.

For those who are seeking a vibrant interior space that will brighten up the house, Viva Magenta pairs perfectly with many of our Smart Tiles styles. Several Smart Tiles models, such as the Zelliges, the Penny, or the colourful Metros, will make the perfect pairings to create a perfectly bespoke decor. Dare to colour your world and let your creativity run wild!

Looking for inspiration? Viva Magenta is by its nature very «present». It will not go unnoticed! You don’t have to paint your kitchen from ceiling to floor to incorporate this lovely colour into your decor! Why not add in this striking shade to specific accessories in your home such as a flower vase, mugs, or even artwork? If you’re ready to take the magenta leap, balance this shade with cooler tones like cobalt blue or various hues of green. Smart Tiles can cover a complete wall or be installed as a backsplash. Our tiles are laid quickly and easily, requiring no special tools or additional help. It’s as easy as that!

smart tiles color of the year magento pantone

2. Timeless English-inspired kitchens

Since the broadcast of their television program For the Love of Kitchens, the creators of deVOL Kitchens have been THE go-to in functional, aesthetic, and traditional-with-a-touch-of-modern decor. Yes, this aesthetic really does exist!

It’s easy to feel bewitched by the rustic kitchens that seem straight out of a great English mansion.

Nowadays, since few people can actually brag about living in an English mansion, we try to reproduce this look and feel with artisanal elements, retro furniture and modern touches, which lends itself to a joyful, eclectic, and sublime style. No one wants to live in a museum, and perfection is boring. Get creative and make your space your own!

To immerse yourself into this ambience, be sure to incorporate natural color palettes. Organic hues such as earthy brown, terracotta orange, and touches of raw wood and worn metal add the perfect complimentary touch.

Need some inspiration? To pair with Smart Tiles, think texture. Models like the Zellige Taza, the Morrocco Essaouira and the Metro Fiona give a sublime effect when installed on cream, beige or chocolate brown walls.

smart tiles peel and stick backsplash tile morocco and zellige

3. Crazy geometric shapes

Using colour in your space isn’t the only way to revamp your house–patterns also have this transformative power! Popularized throughout various decades, geometric shapes are back in style to transform any simple space into something fun and exciting!

In addition to incorporating patterns into your accessories, did you know that you can also choose geometric shapes amongst several of our Smart Tiles styles? We just love the Hexa Walton, installed with the Hexa Yule to create a unique and beautiful mix of tiles.

Also, take a peek at our Geometrik collection, which despite its retro feel, adapts very well into more modern decors.

Looking for inspiration? Updated, geometric shapes are often combined with understated, dark and rich colours to recreate an elegant and chic decor. Without painting your kitchen in black velvet, you can still select a feature wall to create a welcome contrast! Our versatile products can be cut with scissors or an X-ACTO knife, and are resistant to heat and mould. You can install them in the kitchen or bathroom without worry.

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that fashion is cyclical! Trends come and go, and then come back again. There’s no need to completely re-haul and re-renovate your entire place just to stay trendy! Smart Tiles has you covered. Smart Tiles has a ton of versatile styles and looks from traditional to modern to help you keep your space looking fresh and funky, no matter your preference.

smart tiles peel and stick backsplash geometric tile

smart tiles peel and stick backsplash geometric tile