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How to throw a “PAW-Some” PAW Patrol Halloween party

How to Throw a “PAW-Some” PAW Patrol Halloween Party

Tricks and treats may mean something completely different for the crew of search and rescue dogs of PAW Patrol, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to have a spooktacular good time! With Wall Stories, you can invite the whole pup pack into your home for an immersive PAW Patrol party that will make your Halloween pawsitively howlin’!

Here are three ways to have the best Halloween Party PAWssible:

1. Pup Up! Dress up as your favourite PAW Patrol Character!

DIY Paw Patrol costumePhoto credits: dancers4life on

There’s no reason to be scared on this haunting holiday when you’re dressed up as one of Adventure Bay’s top search and rescue dogs! All you need is some pup ears and your emergency service cap, and you’re ready to take on whatever mission comes to you this Halloween (even if it’s just eating candy)!

2. Decorate with Spellbinding Fun!

Paw patrol

Your typical skeleton decorations might not be the best idea around this bone-afide pup pack, but Wall Stories has a way to decorate that also lets you bring the world of Adventure Bay into your home! The High-Flying Skye and Pups Save the Parade Wall Stories interactive decal allows you to use a free mobile app to play in an entirely new way:

  • Story Mode: Every ghost story needs to be followed by a happy one, and what better way to read than with your favourite PAW Patrol characters in digital picture book format? You can read or listen to each story in English and French.
  • Game Mode: Time to play! Scan the wall decal for interactive games, which include three levels of difficulty, so no PAW Patrol fan is left out of the fun.
  • Creative Mode: Virtually create in your room using augmented reality by personalizing your surroundings with decorations!

You can even get the pup pack in on the holiday by dressing them up with great accessories.

3. Throw on a PAW Patrol Halloween Episode!

Paw Patrol Halloween episode

Photo Credits: Nick Jr. on YouTube

Grab your candy and go on a spooky adventure with PAW Patrol Halloween episodes! Revisit great holiday episodes like “Pups Save the Trick-or-Treaters” or “Pups and the Ghost Pirate” to really get into the spirit of Halloween. This holiday is all about staying safe and having fun, and when you’re spending it with the pup pack, those two things are a guarantee!