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3 Peppa Pig Facts Every Parent Should Know

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Peppa Pig Wall Stories are coming soon to, and what better way to celebrate the loveable and cheeky Peppa, than with a round-up of fun Peppa Pig facts. Use these with your kids to show that you're in the know, and bring your child's favourite characters to life at home with a Peppa Pig Wall Stories interactive wall decal! Without further adieu... Did you know?

1) Peppa Pig released an album in 2019! 

You and your kiddos can tune into Peppa's best tunes with Peppa's Adventures: The Album. Our favourite hits include Birdy Birdy Woof Woof (558,067 plays on Spotify) and Recycling (360,060 plays on Spotify)!

Check out these bops, now available for streaming on Spotify and Amazon!

2) Peppa Pig LIVE! North America Tour Returns This Month!

Peppa Pig is touring North America with a series of LIVE events! Meet Peppa, George and her school friends in a fantastic musical experience, starting on September 11, 2021!

In this musical, Peppa Pig and her friends go on an adventure into the woods for an exciting camping trip. Kids can’t wait to join in and sing along! For more information, check out their tour page here!

3) There is Peppa Pig Theme Park On the Way!

Planning a future trip to Florida? The Peppa Pig Theme Park is announced to be coming to Florida Legoland Resort in 2022! Make sure to keep an eye out for more oinktastic news on the standalone theme park featuring multiple rides, water play areas, and interactive attractions!

To find more info, check out this CNBC’s article, here!

Peppa Pig Wall Stories are on the way!

Peppa Pig wall stories

With all these exciting new Peppa Pig releases, keep the fun going with Peppa Pig Wall Stories! The new Peppa Pig Wall Stories brings Peppa, George, Daddy Pig, and Mummy Pig into your homes with interactive wall decor! 

The Peppa Pig Wall Stories combines the characters your kids know and love with an educational Wall Stories App for learning. 

The FREE Wall Stories App (available on Android and IOS) has three different modes: 


  1. STORY MODE invites children to read along with their smart devices like open picture books. Every story can be read or listened to in English or French!


  1. GAME MODE encourages educational play with games on your smart device. Each game is themed-based and includes 3 levels of difficulty for those who want a challenging experience.


  1. CREATIVE MODE  gives kids the freedom to virtually personalize their rooms through interactive augmented reality using the Wall Stories app. In Creative Mode, children can design and create their play space! 

All three modes let you explore a new way to enjoy your favourite Peppa Pig characters! The Peppa Pig Wall Stories is the perfect way to combine characters your kids know and love with educational tools for learning. 

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