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3 Clever Organizational and Decor Ideas for Your Child's Playroom

Creative Designs Kids and Parents will Love!

A Child's Playroom can have many functions in a household. It can act as a wonderful escape and special place for your child's creative play, and it can also be the perfect way families can maintain a tidier, more organized home. Whether your space is big or small, we're confident these clever tips can help you maximize your playspace, and make your playroom as 'playful' as possible!

1. Organize your space by activity or type of play

Help your kids manage their own organization by creating different areas in your playroom by activity or type of play. A reading area, science space, snack corner, or art area will create unique spaces that your child can explore, while helping kids to navigate their play patterns and identify where items go.  By adding a theme to each space, you and your child can easily organize and navigate your playroom.

Playroom kids reading area 

2. Fun on the floor? Find a multi-purpose rug!

A rug has the ability to bring creativity, colour, and texture into a space, while adding function. Invest in a fun, multi-purpose rug that will turn your floor into a comfortable new playspace. Rugs can bring a cozy feel to your room and add a layer of protection from spills and falls. In addition to playing on tables and other pieces of furniture, finding the right rug will introduce an extra layer of safety and aesthetic that will literally open up the floor!

Multi-purpose rug playroom kids

3. Bring your walls to life with Wall Stories Augmented Reality wall decals!

Wall decals are a great way to bring dimension and personality to your space without committing to a paint colour! Wall Stories wall decals can be easily applied to any wall and removed and reapplied to your heart's desire. The one-of-a-kind LUDO Collection brings original characters and works of art to your walls and then brings them to life using augmented reality with an interactive app. 


The LUDO collection has 4 different themes to choose from: music, numbers, reading, and colours. Designed by French artist, Ségo, each Wall Story uses the free Wall Stories App (Android and IOS) to engage kids in play, through three different modes: 

   1. STORY MODE invites children to read along with their smart devices like open picture books. Every story can be read or listened to in English or French!

   2. GAME MODE encourages educational play with games on your smart device. Each game is themed-based and includes 3 levels of difficulty for those who want a challenging experience.

   3. CREATIVE MODE  gives kids the freedom to virtually personalize their rooms through interactive augmented reality using the Wall Stories app. In Creative Mode, children can design and create their play space! 

And the key takeaway is...

Remember to make your playroom a balance of fun and learning! Don't be afraid to use colour, the floor and walls, and theme your space. In the end, when you create an approachable space that your kids enjoy, the learning will come and the organization will follow. Happy decorating!